Monday, April 9, 2012

Not seeing that you are destroying the ones you Love.

Not seeing that you are destroying the ones you Love.

Over the last couple weeks, month's, etc. I have been tearing down the ones that are left in my life esp. my partner for reasons I am still trying to work out. BUT  I know that it stops here. No more lies, Attacks, Exaggerations, Excuses, stealing, and so on and so on.

I Truly say sorry to my partner, even after everything he has been through over the last couple months he has been here... he shouldn't have he like so many in my life in the past should have left and did.

I love him so. Everyone that knows us knows that I do. That I just have this demon that follows. That I try to kick and then give into. I am sorry for giving in to it the way I do and treating all that is around us with the same behavior.

Many need to see the change. The change is coming. Trust that it is coming. Life can't sustain this too much longer for me. 

I used to be a very kind, giving person. Then things happened, behaviors were learned, vices were created and habits remain.

So to all that I have hurt over the last four years I am sorry. It won't be like that anymore.

And if you need to walk away I understand. If you can stay please do. 

Change starts here!

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