Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another treatment...

I am on my way home after a three day stint of inpatient treatment. It was quite different this time around. Since it was a medical detox from the opiates that I was on from the eight days in the hospital with the bowel obstruction and prostatitis I was ok with the dextox and was monitored. It was very different from last time. Last time I was finding myself and direction not really sure if I wanted sobriety or if I wanted to be mentally healthy. I am now living recovery. And after spending three days detoxing I don't want to do that again.

I must now step back up and work my sobriety. I am heading back to the dual program at rogers west allis. And after today of working my way back into my life I am going to find meetings to go to almost everyday. Otherwise I feel the pull back to an unhealthy life. And I or anyone in my life really wants that. I want to "keep moving forward"...I am almost sixty days sober. And want to stay that way. Thank you everyone for making that happen. 

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